Today was my last day of PIP project, I didn't do the work obviously. Is there any way HR will point that out and lessen my salary the month, that's all I'm worried about. I have savings but still don't want to lose a lot of money as I have to return the sign on bonus.
I just want to get relieved as soon as possible as people here are asses and I don't want to get in any mess in my last days. Has anyone has bad experience on PIP? I know the last thing that can happen is relieving which is the only thing I want.

It's a weird scary day for me. I'm studying, applying for jobs and stressed too. I didn't try to save my current job due to toxicity but I want it to fucking end. I really want to fucking slap my manager, slap his manager too.

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    You’ll only find out once you have those conversations. Take them as a learning and kick on.
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