I hadn’t intended to sound like I was scolding this person, but it came out that way in a meeting that had a lot of crosstalk and not a lot of opportunities for me to get a word in edgewise. I was new-ish at the company and she happened to be a superior about 4 levels above me in the hierarchy. My boss, who was also in the meeting, asked me, obliquely, how I thought the meeting went. I understood the subtext as, “Dude, you really went off on her. Are you sure that was the right move?”

I was already as embarrassed as I was gonna be prior to his question but now I was in total embarrassment hell. I couldn’t even bring myself to backpedal retroactively and apologize. I was totally mortified.

As it turned out, she had respected my assertiveness. In another meeting a couple years later, as I was strongly advocating a process change for something she was involved in, she actually said, and sincerely, “I really appreciate it when you hold me accountable.”

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    Then you had sex?
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    Accidental ranting by telling your own percieved thruth totally happens to me a lot too. But people get accustomed to the grumpy dev eventually. And since the introduction of the no-politics rule, nobody died or even had to be driven to the hospital anymore...
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    @green-portal ok goodie two-shoes, no sex jokes around you.
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    @stackodev Are you me, but with glasses on?
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    @aviophile *Sigh* Yeah, totally. Are you 12?
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    @spongegeoff I knew I had a doppelgänger somewhere!
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    @stackodev What's worrying is that we've now got a dog, I've been wearing flip-flops at the dev desk recently and sometimes wear glasses. Think I'll change my tag to stackogeoff...
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