Customer has thousands of clients - puts each client site under a subdomain of the main domain on a shared server. What happens to every single website when the server runs out of space?
But that'll never happen, right? We have lots of space. It certainly won't happen on day one of the main tech dev's holiday.
It's fine, there's a backup, or atleast a redirect, right

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    Sounds like not your problem.

    Or at the very least you get your PTO back, or double time....
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    @sariel sadly I'm not the main technician and have little knowledge of this server and set up - but while he's away it's me and frantic panic messages to domain factory and various clients.

    but it's monday, so things don't get worse from here on in surely.......
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    Soon you’ll find out the main dev runs his custom script manually on Mondays that purges logs, prunes DB space, and keeps the server humming.
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    @devphobe funny you should mention logging. See my next rant!
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