What I need to do today:
* terraform init
* terraform plan
* terraform apply

What I'm doing today:
* Rebuilding a docker container, because our outdated version of Terraform doesn't run on M1 Macs natively.
* Fighting with corporate IT man-in-the-middle SSL certs, because those aren't trusted inside the Docker container. These are now applied to all internet traffic, not just traffic destined to the VPN. Terraform doesn't like it, so it won't download any modules.
* Waiting for a blazing fast 1.5 Mbps connection rate when connected to the VPN.
* Learning I can no longer turn off the VPN, as it's a forced policy on my laptop.

Not sure if I'd be more productive today fighting these issues, or just waiting around for days (weeks?) for IT to mail me an Intel mac.

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    Add the root cert to the container, easy.
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    @Linux Yes. That problem is solvable. On to the fact that the app store no longer works on my mac so I can't download required software.
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    Wtf Terraform doesn't run on m1 Macs?
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    @ars1 the really old versions don’t.
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    Every recent version runs great
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    Dude that's how my day went too. I was just supposed to create some alerts, ended up fixing a billion metrics and dashboards 😭
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