To all of us who procrastinate. Here is my new thinking that is making me slightly more productive! I would guess we all agree that the work is fucked up. But what we need to be productive, is an ego big enough to think that we are the only one smart enough to fix it! Just let your ego go!

Why code that project? Because other people would do it wrong! You fuck up the project? Fuck you, do it right or it won't be done right! My internal monologue from now on!

Does this mean I don't ask for help? Of course I ask! So that I can learn it, realise the other person is an idiot, then do it right using their technology!

If you don't do what you are planning to do, nobody will! Also most of the worlds problems can be solved with money, so that is why we should get rich. To fix the problems of the world.

Hope it helps someone :)

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    Yes thinking of getting rich helps primarily, but this technique also helps
    Whenever thinking about a task, count from "5....4....3....2....1" and just jump away from whatever situation you are in, like talking to colleagues, flirting with someone, PM talking too much, etc . And just get to your work bench and finish it l, it will end up faster.
    P.S. I just assumed the above scenarios, don't get offended.
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    @sam9669 hope I understood correctly, but are you saying just focus on work after 5 seconds of distraction? That works too :)

    I was more meaning I guilt myself into doing things, because not helping humanity is the same as actively harming it. So I need to get rich, which means working hard. Then I need to throw my money at problems in ways that actually solve them. Wasted time could literally be lives lost!
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    @owithg well I should say, that's global level thinking, which brings back the focus on building the right things at this very moment due to subsequently followed logically build steps, and every achievement/success story is a path of many such small steps, these small steps can be tempting at times like "why am I doing this shit" kind, so your thinking makes you work harder and mine just supports it at small tasks finishing, which are the small steps required to achieve a greater goal :)
    after all its just about sitting in front of the task in the first place, which can get disturbed at times, so the 5 count method.
    So I will just leave it at this, both of our techniques help, I just wanted to contribute to this thread, it may actually help someone.
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    @sam9669 I understand now :) Thank you, your idea will be really helpful when I get distracted. I am going to use it from now on
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    What works for me is looking at my wallet. To be more accurate, looking at how empty my wallet is.
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