Trying to install windows on my ubuntu machine. That tutorial was really helpful!

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    isnt that your bootloader's fault?
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    @zaftco yes, but Ubuntu won't overwrite the Microsoft bootloader if it detects it by default if I am not mistaken so it is Microsofts fault, just not Windows' fault.
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    Be careful because windows has the bad habit of erasing other partitions too :)
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    @zaftco from what I understand, grub, ubuntu's bootloader, is basically bypassed by windows' bootloader.
    With a few commands you can reinstall your grub on the right partition.
    My setup is now perfect, Ubuntu boots by default and I can switch to Win10 when needed. ie never haha.
    I need win10 for current project btw
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    I read the same thing, but it did not happen in my install.
    Installing Windows on its own partition didn't mess up anything else but its own partition.
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