Did your motivation ever suffered for company enforced tooling/stack?

I'm striving to be as adaptable as possible to not bitch if I have to use Angular insted of React or Java instead of Go but the stack which I was forced to use for the last two years is killing the joy I find in programming.

I'm talking about Spring WebFlux a stack which in theory is very promising (IO performances of NodeJS but in Java) but in practice is a pain to use: it makes polymorphism very hard forcing to rewrite tons of code, it significantly reduces your library choice, even after studying a damn book about it debugging remains a huge headache, unit testing often requires hacks and workarounds to be done...

Programming with it always feels like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and I'm catching myself in procrastinating more and more, initially I feared I was burning out or losing my passion for the field but I noticed which the rare times I get to use a more canonical stack like .NET my motivation instantly returns but sadly I can use it only for few hours and then I return to WebFlux and my passion flees again.

I'm considering to look for another job but sadly lately I neglected my GitHub so I might have hard times in finding it.

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    The same for me: Inherited an Angular Project. Which im now the only one in the company maintaining (keeping alive).

    I don't believe that Angular is bad, or at least I don't want to have that mindset of blaming the tools I use. I think I could be better with Angular but after seeing what the options are I just can't motivate myself to be an Angular Pro.

    I also fear of loosing the motivation to program in general because of that, only thing keeping that alive are side projects I have where I can choose the whole toolchain.

    Did I mention that its Angular 5 :(

    Im still a junior but already start to feel burned out because of that. Also started to think of changing jobs, but I think of giving them an Ultimatum first.
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    Well, I am finding current project stack horrible
    But I was promised to have a change 4 months later
    Plus doing pet projects in better stack
    Plus recieving original interesting tasks requiring to work not just in this a bit bad framework

    So at the end of a day I am content.
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