Navigating Directories with PowerShell, coursemates staring and thinking I'm a badass hacker. Their reaction when a directory not found generates five lines of bright red jargonized line in the console and I just nod slowly as if I'm understanding something deep πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    Remember that when using Dos command line, back in windows 98 :p
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    Btw, try doing that in a dos command line nowdays... happen recently, some of my co-workers were like whattttttt!?!? Sad to have no nerd friends :(
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    @RodrigoF so sad.
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    Tell them you will hack the network and print the data stream.
    cd /
    su (u need this to read all subdirectories)
    while true; do ls -R; done;
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