Take me into the organization as a dev
tell me that I'm supposed to bring ideas and tell you how to improve and what's required

I do that

You ignore me

You expect ultra performance and good profits


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    You misunderstood them. What they wanted is for you to bring _their_ ideas and _their_ improvements, not your own.
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    They also tend to not want to foot th bill a problem with many companies
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    @ethernetzero Dude they dont bring shit to the table

    been here 1 year and nothing really.....I bring most ideas in wch they ignore AF
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    @Taqsblaz3 Greener pastures await you, man, I'd say.
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    @ethernetzero wish I could hit ++ 3 times on that
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    I left a job last year for the same thing. Was only there 4 months and that was because I couldn’t find another job faster.
    Got told they wanted my skills and experience to do things better.
    Offered me a job which was literally to improve the teams.
    But then they didn’t want to change anything at all, not even the slightest thing.

    Get yourself out of there and find a real company.
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    You suggest to them ways to improve production and they give excuses and start to justify why they do thing that way bcoz its cheat and shit
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