Harsh Reality:

When i first join devRant it'd seems more like community. We were discussing, ranting about our daily life struggle.

I thought i'm gonna get equal importance because our community will understand us.

But it seems we are also a type of product user or say clients. We bash left and right some programing languages, some Operating Systems. Say bad thing about some one's coding style.

This is not good. Whatever we are using, we are doing the same thing. We are contributing something in someway.

And if we are doing it, we have no rights to bash our clients as they are doing the same.

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    I'm confused. The whole point of the app is to rant or "bash" (I'm guessing you don't mean Linux bash). Of course we are going to rant on programming languages OS's and coworkers coding styles and clients. That's the point of this place.
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    @ryanmhoffman i completely agree with you, after all this is dev "rant"!
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    @abcdev its ok, the algorithm will filter your ++, so if you like enough you wont see them anymore 😄
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    You may not now this, but as i am like everyone should building my knowledge about dev stuff, this place activly helps me. No matter if its against or with my opinion, i think about that and try to use the collective. Its interesting, i read about letsencrypt here, when i was getting into webhosting. Boom i found caddy. I read peoples rants about PHP and began understand why people rant about it. Same for systemd. Java. And so forth.
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    1. its for rant, and all rant are allowed here
    2. we're not doing the same thing, ultimately. with most codes being ultimately versatile, doing it different is plausible and is part of the point
    3. most important, you can bash person a and still like him nevertheless ;)
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    but it's devRant "rant!"
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    Ranting isn't bashing; it's venting. The Linux forums are for bashing other OS's. DevRant is for venting (ranting) about the clueless PMs, or the irritating client, or goofball coworker. And devRant isn't just about ranting, but about sharing and discovering and relating to people who think similarly. If it were just about ranting, there would only be a couple hundred posts, and would have died off after a few months.
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    @Jop- I've been using Linux for over 20 years, and I gave up on the forums years ago. Maybe they've changed, but they used to be full of unhelpful asshats and arrogant idiots.
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