Idiots. Idiots everywhere. The next big trend in software engineering is to take a whole bunch of idiots, give them the basic knowledge to write code, and then dedicate a whole lot of competent developers' time to either fixing errors made by those idiots, or attempting to make "safer" tools so those idiots don't screw up as easily.

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    Sorry wrong category: I think your description fits an already existing trend. And I guess I fit your description of idiot since I’m a bootcamper 😆
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    @black-kite While bootcamps generally only teach basic coding and nothing more, there are many useful online articles and lectures if one is willing to improve their knowledge and skills. The problem is that people who take those bootcamps often don't want to put in any extra effort beyond what's needed to get a simple office job in today's developer shortage situation.
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    @hitko yeah, you’re right. And it’s also about taking your job seriously. Many of the other bootcampers I was with just wanted to get in IT for the money without wanting to put in the time and effort to really excel at what they were doing. Those are the true idiots
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    Apart from the bit about the “competent developers”. More idiots will be piled on to fix the problems of the first group of idiots.

    It’s idiots all the way down.

    We’ll need machine learning, because, even though it’s shit, everyone will have forgotten how to write a program in 5 years. We’ll all rely on libraries handed down by the ancients. ML will bind them together to create brittle programs that mostly work—until they fuck up and kill you.
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    Please make better tools for me.
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    You just need Agile. This way, when things fail, you just call it an iteration and try again next week until folks give up and move on to the next issue that won’t get fixed. Fail fast, fail often, fail all the time.
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