Had a branch that I was ready to push to a remote and open a PR tp this big open source project.

I was making a git pull from their master in order to not have merge conflicts on remote... and then I see that their master branch already had the feature that I was trying to implement, merged 10 days ago.

A lot of work... for nothing.

Because I had to wait on some old ass company policy process bs on open source software to give me permission to push to a codebase we're using in their internal product.

Well in today's meeting I made a reference to this... they still insisted on intellecxual preperty bs. Im questioning their ability to think.

Im pushing fixes and enhancements to that without permission, idgaf

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    Inform them that IP does not exist on Open Source projects.

    The amount of money needed to replicate, purchase, or litigate to protect IP would likely bankrupt a small to medium sized company.

    Look at instead, the lost opportunities over the time it took to protect against a nonexistent threat.

    Be grateful that open source is available and can provide free value to the product.

    Sounds more like someone is trying to protect their position within your company rather than have the company's best interests in mind.
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    Omg legal people, I just make PRs and tell my team, nobody else needs to know
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    Even worse: I wanted to open source a project, got a green light, but they needed to see every license of my node_modules

    Apparently 1 dependency of eslint and npm itself were problematic, I had to convince them that we don't edit dependencies or change them...

    After it got greenlit I kinda stopped giving a shit about it, I think it's in limbo now
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    @alexbrooklyn yeah, I'm going to stop telling them about it. Anything that is started from scratch is theirs. Anything OSS they won't need to know.
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