On an all hands, someone talking about a spreadsheet and my brain hears "so we should turn this into a database with a front end but you're not a dev and none of us care enough to help".

Are we the bad guys?

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    It is incredibly hard to replace software that already does what the user needs with something better.

    Sure, you could build a specific application to replace that spreadsheet. But will it really be better - and especially better supported - than the office application, the user is currently using?
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    @Oktokolo depends on scale and specificity.

    if it's too big, it'll be slow af and the maximum size of a cell is 255, not to mention the file is bloated.

    if it's too specific, they'll spend a long time working on the formulas and it'll still be clunky. they could use vba, but at that point you should actually just make a small app for that shit
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    (speaking as someone who works with both, sometimes integrated)
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    Hahaha, they were literally talking about managing edit conflicts with Dropbox permissions... It's worse than it sounds...
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    Another department had this too, an Excel sheet that gets shared around, copied, changed, multiple languages, 0 structure

    We started building an api for them, and they completely spazzed out and got cold feet. We gave them the prototype and dipped.

    Keep in mind these are semi-technical people that maintain hardware. Let them burn.
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