Currently reading through a long GitHub issue thread. For some reason people started quoting the entire message they are replying to.
The last post has 9 nested messages and the quote section is 1600 pixels tall. Who needs @mentions anyways.

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    It could be from an conversion of a mailing list to GitHub issue.

    It's pretty common and even recommended in mailing lists to quote the specific part you're replying to to prevent misunderstandings
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    @IntrusionCM Doubt it. It's a popular open source repo. Anyways the context shouldn't include the all 9 previous message spanning almost 2 pages.
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    @pythonPlusPlus ah..misread on my side. :)
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    @mentions by itself doesn't give enough context if you meant to comment on a previous comment, same as in devrant.

    Do you want a 4chan style reply or a thread style reply which can lose the current state and get stuck on one message? None? You get replies then.
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    @melezorus34 but then they could trim the replies and github already has a "copy permanent link" for comments...
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