Haven't pushed anything to my github repos for over a year. Tried it today and it took me FOURTY FUCKING MINUTES to figure out this Personal Access Token HORSESHIT.

FUCK YOU GITHUB, why must every aspect of software development become spoiled by PARANOID FUCKING FUCKWEASELS?

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    Well guess who buys stuff in order to destroy them
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    Use SSH, it's a lot easier than PATs
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    Tf are you even talking about, who uses their own git repos over http?^^
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    @nitwhiz I started these repos ages ago and back then it was suggested to me. Haven't spent too much thought on it, really. I realize I have to convert them all to SSH as @lungdart also suggested.
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    i dont like working on git repos over http either.
    just put your pubkey into the github settings, and off ya go with ssh.
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