To this day if I could do find the people who decided they'd break the rest of what is going on beyond the partial truth of people deserving punishment getting it I'd happily remove their skin a patch at a time over days if I thought our encounter wasn't a set up.

To take joy in slowly destroying not only freedom in this country but the good with the bad and all future prospects for everyone heh
And make some people look around and not even see an inkling of humanity in the gawking gabbing critters often commenting on their posts for example

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    ⬆️ drunk version

    ⬇️ sober version (?)
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    What makes you think you ever had freedom?
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    @UnicornPoo well likely the lack of continual looping idiocy that other people designed and prolonged which makrs everything even more miserable than it starts
    The plethora of non disgusting choices I had when in ignorance
    The lack of worry about constant theft of things that should only be worthwhile to John boy here

    Certainly never had anyone visibly stage the same x number of years around me when I was a kid and or young adult the world was the normal flavor of shitty meaning in America could have been better where I was but wasn't this level of cynical retard driven
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    @UnicornPoo this is actually. A perfect example
    Have the freedom to say
    Without consequences
    That that response was given prior and we're just elucidating the point which will happen with or without one of us talking about it
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    @UnicornPoo or how about an absence of stupid people who trybto continually recreate the same things and lie about shit constantly ?
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