One of the most rude things you can do to an open source project is immediately question why they use a specific (language, toolkit, gui, build system, etc) and suggest they use something entirely different simply because it is "better".

Like I can't even compare it to something a normal non-technical person would understand.

It's not even a preference thing like what car you drive or iPhone vs Android.

I've literally donated hundreds and hundreds of hours of my time and you get the benefit of using the software free of charge and then you have the balls to question what I've given you.

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    One word
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    Two words
    Fuck basel
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    Three words
    Google is retarded
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    But other than tensor flow the useless project that doesn't build I very much appreciate open source developers I try to contribute detailed bug reports from time to time and love os
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    If I was in a better situation id contribute my time by thoroughly learning the code base
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    Of some project
    Personally I think they should monetize quality contributions from public funds
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    But what if they are right ?

    After all, you choose what you did for what you consider to be the most right reasons, given the available information you could obtain at the time.

    If new information came to light that you needed to change things, why not change ?
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    @Nanos If someone really wanted to convince me then I'd need hard evidence why X is far superior than Y and there better be a pull request for me to even consider it. And that has been the case in the past. I try to keep an open mind and understand that I don't know everything.

    All they've done so far is practically call me an idiot.
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