I want to go to gym but im too broke

Gyms in my country are expensive as fuck. German gym Synergy (im not from germany) costs $27 not per month but per 7 trainings within 1 month. That means if i go every day monday through sunday i have wasted my ticket and have to pay another $27. And thats just the minimum package level, there are other more expensive packages out there that include sauna and various other shits. Other gyms are just as expensive, more or less

On top of that I'd have to pay the private gym coach several hundreds of euros (depending on gym coach) ranging from 100-500 or more euros per month. I live in a country where engineer's minimum salary is 500 euros per month

Not to mention the special expensive food I'd have to eat to follow the training diet which will cost additional several hundred euros more??

double costs = gym + coach + food;

It saddens me to throw away so much money on a liability like this. I'd rather throw that money into some crypto asset thats gonna yield me more money

How the fuck do people afford gym? I want to go to the gym but im too broke for this... Like how perfect and complete life do some people already live in order to be able to afford gym membership so easily?

I cant believe im working such a difficult software java backend job and cant afford a goddamn gym membership

Edit: I just wanted some minimal workouts to maintain my physical health, not some intensive sports workout. Just enough so i look good physically but not too much difficult or heavy weight workouts because i dont care about bodybuilding etc thats not my primary job. So therefore if im asking for bare minimum shouldn't there be some ultra cheap option for me?

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    Buy some thing like this and a multi angle bench
    And do from home.
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    I have my el cheapo home gym with adjustable dumbbells, i.e. the classic screw-on ones with discs, weight straps for arms and legs, and adjustable spring loaded finger trainers.

    Just tucked away in a corner of my room when I don't need them, i.e. no special training room. Not even a bench, just a towel on the floor and some old army storage box as rest for side lat pulls.

    You don't need special food, just eat enough lean protein dishes such as chicken, trout, cottage cheese etc., fill up with fibre rich veggies, and then some carbs like rice or so. Natural, unsugared yoghurt plus fresh fruit cut in is also nice. Not really expensive.

    Obviously, you'll have to plan more if you're vegetarian or vegan, but some nice vegan pea-rice powder (doesn't cause acne) is only 27 EUR per kg at Amazon. E.g. Nutri-Plus is a good vendor.
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    As others said you don't need a gym. A good yoga mat will do a few dumbbells might help but not even necessary. Better to spend money on a good (calisthenics) coach to get you started safely.

    Nutrition is very important but not in any expensive way. And it's not harder if you are a vegetarian either. It's even more likely you already have a more optimal diet than. Just look up protein hype to unmask the BS. What is done with protein is equivalent of eating half a pack of vitamin C pills after every workout. Too much doesn't hurt but it's just wasteful.


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    You don't need any equipment to maintain your physical health: the weight of your own body is plenty. Gym equipment just makes it easier to target specific muscles for a specific amount, and it gamifies the whole deal.
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    There are 3 gym chains in Germany that cost under 20 euro per month
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    Staying on top of or improving your physical health as a programmer is extremely difficult. What is probably suitable for you is Calisthenics and HIIT (sprints, burpees, …) and cardio (running, shadow boxing, …). People often think they need equipment do get in shape, but it really boils down to how physically difficult something is. This guy is super knowledgeable: https://youtu.be/U1oARCOjzKM
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