My friend developed ONE android app, and he is self proclaimed android developer!

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    Technically accurate.
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    So how would you describe an android developer?
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    If using ONLY WebUI in app ; then hell he is an android developer!
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    Well, if it is an application for Android specifically, the author of it can call himself an Android developer by definition.

    Sorry dude.
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    What is the minimum app developed to become one? If he's been able to have it checked and promote to the play store, I guess it makes him a android dev yeah. It's one more the me!
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    I think the problem comes when he proclaimed himself as good android developer, but still he is an android developer as of my view.
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    @hafiz5626 Correct! That's the problem!
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    @sebgignac "how many apps does a man have to code, before being called a dev..."
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