Made a LinkedIn profile for the first time since like 2013.

I haven’t put current job on there, only been here a month and if I absolutely have to have to I’ll just mention working here for a month but it wasn’t a good match in an interview.

Start getting the expected recruiter messages once I finished the profile.

One of them is a recruiter at current job.

Fucking lol.

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    try to get a better offer for your current position lol.
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    @localpost Sounds like a recursion if he recruits you again. Then you will feel recruited^2
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    @localpost it’s not a wild idea. Ranted about this prior but the role I’m in is MUCH different than literally everything we discussed during the interviews and I asked some very pointed questions about responsibilities and daily duties.

    Even more frustrating is that early on in the process I was given the option which team I wanted to interview with out of two that had similar openings. I chose this one over the other, which had hard requirements the manager wouldn’t budge from that would have immediately disqualified me.

    Well. Found out the requirements no longer apply since the company is retiring a few systems in favor of one that I know I could have aced in an interview.

    At this point my options are try to transfer, or just suck it up and stick with this until I can find an exit
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