I was in a good mood until I read this weeks dev-question. I'm now having an existential crisis. Why do I do this? What's the end goal here? I don't know what my biggest dev career dream is. Maybe I should get a dog and live in the mountains. I think, I need another moment...

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    We're all just drones. Chill
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    i have one of these crisis at least once a week. the hardest part of working in a creativity driven field is that work itself is soul sucking and all the endless possibilities you had initially turn into a boring useless crap to milk money out of people
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    you dont need a dev career dream, if that's not your goal

    No reason to loose any sleep over it.
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    Allright, Chidi!
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    @SuspiciousBug don't worry too much about it. To tell you my story it took me 12 years In the industry and half of it as a freelancer to realize what I really wanted to do! Maybe along the way in the grind you find that one particular thing which makes you say "this is what I want to do in life".

    Don't be too hard on yourself, if you can't find your destiny, then sit down where you are right now, destiny will then come to you.
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    @NeatNerdPrime or maybe your desire has changed over the 12 years in the first place?
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    @iiii it certainly did, but a desire is something very ambiguous. People that are passionate about something is out of something more then desire, its also drive and joy and reward.... To me it took a while.

    Its like a wanderer that keeps walking the earth until someday that person is like' hey, this place is actually nice, I want to stay here.'

    Something like that. I hope I have expressed myself better now.
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