I got attacked by ransomware and was asked for money...

I sent them my salary slip..They removed it from my computer immediately..

I wanna cry.

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    Dude you made my day 😂
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    Epic epic...
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    Do these hackers have a referral program.
    I would like to share this experience with someone. Lol
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    When you get hacked multiple times, do you get membership points for payments?
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    Hhaha. When you wanna be bad but u still have that conscience. 😂
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    @aimome They are still developers, U know.
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    Same boat 🚣🏼
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    @Greggergalactic it's so tough to know what is truly original content these days. I wonder how much on r/programminghumor came from 4chan or some other dark corner of the web

    I have put some thought into forcing people to tag uploaded images/memes as "original" or "found on web" to help w the algo and the reposting issue
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    It's apparently something that really Happened so not really a joke...just a reused story
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    @trogus could you also implement plagiarism detection system too ?
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    Hey, as long as you sincerely cry
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    @busuu you sound fun
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