What's wrong with WannaCry? All it does is secure you're system by encrypting your files for you.

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    With a key you dont know by yourself. 100% protection against forgetting your password ... Best security ever
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    Although the free encryption service only lasts for some days...
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    And then your drives are clean again! 😂
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    At least nobody can steal medical data from hospitals 🏥
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    And they claim to host free event for people who are poor and can't pay for the service in 6 days...

    Where could we find such generosity in this era...
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    It makes you WannaCry
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    @hyvte And social engineering proof. TBH, it's pretty much what I did with my mother after she gave her password to the "nice guy from Amazon password security inspection". I mean, tbh, it's actually quite benign, if you run a professional infrastructure with a system lacking even the most basic security, it's your own fault, if it's your personal computer you decided at some point to endanger it by disabling updates (and running windows^^). So yeah, could've been worse.
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    These guys are so nice, makes you want a hot cup of libertea
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    What's wrong with WannaCry: The support is miserable (if they reply at all) when trying to complain about that WannaCry is encrypting the wrong folders. The UX is also disastrous.
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    @saarloos that's because it's not worth the time trying to read...
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    Who needs BitLocker when you have WannaCry?
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