Turns out: Pearson VUE is bad at communication. After I reserved the Microsoft certification exam, it was adjusted with my accommodations. So I didn't entirely die (only a little) and was allowed to have my life saving fidget 'toys' with me and just be myself with my stims.

So after all that hassle, I am now certified Azure developer associate. \o/

Looks good on paper, doesn't solve the problem of getting through the project interviews. (To normies, I seem ever so slightly off and the natural instinct is to perceive me as a liar.)

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    ADHDer, can relate to the struggle. In my personal life I ignore normies, professional life is a bit harder
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    What Made Pearson VUE bad at communication in that situation?

    I'm legally blind was given accommodations in my college exam for it to be printed on A3 instead of A4. When they asked, 2 minutes before the exam, does everyone have their papers I put my hand up to say no. It turned out that they forgot to print mine and it took them 30 mins to print it. I wasn't given an extra 30 minutes though. My time ended when everyone else's did.
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    @cmarshall10450 they forgot to tell me that I can reserve it with the accommodations through their web reservation. They told me I had to call, which I did, they maybe send some email to some other department and never heard from them since.

    I had to wait for an hour for the exam proctor to acknowledge me though... Got thrown at the end of the queue for like 10 times. >.> Until finally someone took me in. Network errors in their end ooorrr 'network errors' in their end and didn't want to do an accommodated exam... <.<
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