Before and after wannacry, lol

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    What's NHS?
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    @Numinex It's the National Health Service of the UK.
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    @Numinex The people that Wana Cry now
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    @SHA-256 @Fydrenak lol
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    Because there's no such thing as 'completely protected', mate.. they learned it the hard way 😂
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    Large part of public sector in UK still runs on XP. No wonder that they have been pwned.
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    And not to mention sohpos is kinda shit
    We used to have it at the office
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    @sjzurek I don't know this case, but sometimes you need to use older systems because you need to use a software or a hardware that run only in older systems... A few years ago I saw a hardware in a public hospital here in Brazil using a hardware connected to a parallel port (LTP or LPT, I never know the right name) running a DOS software... They said there isn't a new version of the hardware or a new version of the software...
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