It's 21:42. I had 1 month to write a report on my internship. Day after tomorrow is submission. I'm starting now.

I deleted Facebook Inc.'s products long time ago, deleted YouTube app, removed Quora account, put filters on suggestions for Stack Exchange networks, blocked Reddit, stopped Spotify, started Trello/Wunderlist/Evernote to organise thoughts, ForestApp and StayFocusd for controlled browsing, deleted Tumblr etc. All this just to focus on the report and get it done as soon as possible.

Now I FOUND devRant! What the fuck world! Why!? I'm now ranting about issue on devRant with this rant. <- this sentence is a meta, if you didn't realise.

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    @linuxxx That's what drug dealers told the new guy.
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    It's a shame that people need to go to these lengths; setting up blockers, uninstalling things etc.

    Why can't you just decide to not go on Facebook or Netflix or YouTube or whatever, for a few days?
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    I think this is a defining statement for 21st century
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    @GigaMick I did that with Facebook and Whatsapp. I never got into Insta or Snapchat and I thought of people getting addicted as fools. But it is really a psychological issue if you get addicted to it. Yesterday, I decided to delete YouTube, I did that. But, while having dinner my mind was agitated and didn't know what to do. I reinstalled it. Watched John Oliver, Seth Meyer etc. Deleted and went to sleep. I didn't give it a thought. Today morning, I didn't do that, I felt agitated all long before going to office. It was annoying. It's a real issue. I feel I lose out on important stuff if I stop watching stuff like science videos, politics etc. People must feel they will give lose out power if they delete FB and social media like that. I felt the same when I stopped FB a couple of years ago that nobody will ever know me. Social media is a shortcut to tell people your story by skipping hard part of socialising. Youtube is shortcut to summaries by skipping analysing the stuff yourself.
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    @analogbits dude you got pro'lems :p

    If we all contributed a paragraph to your report you'd be done with time to spare.
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    That's generous @kunashe. I'd have to go though this alone though. It's a swim through Ring of Fire.
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    Ironic enough. I didn't complete it till now (3:56 AM next day) Been entirely on devRant. Still few more pages to go. I might have to rethink my entire life.
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    @analogbits I'm not being facetious or "a dick" here mate but I think you have an issue.

    Needing to be on Facebook / Netflix etc to give yourself self worth is really really.... REALLY not good, or healthy.

    Why do you feel such a need to "reach out and tell your story"? Why can't you just live your life happily the way humans have done for all of time and the way the majority of people still do today?

    Re-iterate: I'm not being a dick. The reliance people have on social media and their phones these days is a real pet peeve of mine. Don't get me wrong I like tech and gadgets as much as the next guy, maybe more. But I'm more than happy to put my phone down and spend time on my own or with my family without feeling like a junkie on withdrawals.
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