Wanacry didn't touch me yet, my gaming machine is on Windows, I disabled the update service, I haven't restarted it for 2 months now...
Now doing an update, just in case

My laptop is dual booted with antergos, my work files are all on onedrive, so if something happened to my laptop it wouldn't be the worst

Still disabling the update service after the update :P

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    Haven't restarted in 2 months?!?!?!?!? I call it bullshit!!!!!
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    @No-one nope, I run a team speak server and a few game servers when needed for my friends
    And I have a few dozen programs open at all times, I doubled the height of my taskbar for my main screen to to have a better view of my said programs
    3 monitors btw

    Without disabling the window update service you'd never get to 2 months though :P
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    "I disabled the update service."
    This made me really WannaCry... :D

    Pls seriously consider enabling auto updates... Especially if you run a server... ;)
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    @qbasic16 a few small servers for my friends, nothing big
    I hate it if my pc restarts itself without my knowledge

    Y'know, fuck it
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    wow, comments gathered 8 ++ so far
    The actual rant 0...
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    @aile11 It is really not recommended...
    If you setup your gameservers as Windows Service, it will autostart after booting, so no need to worry if your server restarts.
    If you use Windoze 10 on the server you can define "Work hours" for the update process so it will not restart during this time frame. Set it to 06:00 - 09:00, so it will not bother you.

    It is a very big risk if you leave a server running 24/7 on the internet without doing regular updates...
    You lay think that only your friends know that you have a running server, but i can assure you, lots of other ppl you dont know send random stuff to random servers or scan for open ports or vulnerabilities.
    I hope you have at least a properly configured firewall...
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    @qbasic16 work hours should range from 06:00 - 24:00 for me not to be bothered
    And it doesn't solve the problem of all my programs and stuff being open, I don't want to open everything up and put the windows where I want, I'd rather just leave it

    With Linux I'm sure it could be automated
    And further, it won't open up my stuff exactly the way they where

    Well, I know, people scan, people hack, and I should be more careful

    you may look at me as an idiot for now
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    @mrtnrdl no, I'm just someone who isn't as careful as he should
    I'll get to it sometime
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    @aile11 it's ok, just wantet to stress about security.
    Just let me tell you one last thing:
    Normally servers are not meant to be used as Workstations ;)
    It is much better to separate these 2 :)
    I'm outta here ;D
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    Like, fml, I don't even have real backups
    I'm a literal idiot If you wanna have it

    OK, I'll need to do something soon, otherwise everything's gonna go down the drain...
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    @qbasic16 well, it's not a server, it's a gaming pc, I just run a team speak server and a few game servers when they're needed
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    @aile11 NO F*ING BACKUPS??????? NO UPDATES????
    Pls at least back your files up. You probably have an external HDD or DVD-ROMs.
    Holy shit! :D
    (No hate, mate) ;)
    Now I really WannaCry :D
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    @qbasic16 most important stuff is on onedrive :P
    I don't have all the things saved that should be saved, like the idiot I am, but I'll need to,
    just to much going on for me to search around my HD cleaning out the stuff I don't need and saving the important.

    And who the fuck still uses CDs?
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    How sad is this rant with just 1 ++ XD
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