Fuck you, BouncyCastle. I really like you but the way you have documentation. It's annoying. Nice name. Cool project.

Here, I'm write Java Docs for JUnit tests! For every damn test case!

So damn less documentation even SO said mind your own business! It's been more than 15 hrs. Not a single reply! I died a little today. They have examples but they are not really "examples". No passion at all for documentation!

You should watch and learn from AssertJ docs. OMFG @joel-costoglia sets standards for code style and docs before pull requests. The examples are LOTR themed for god's sake. I'm not asking for fluent API. I just want docs. What class does what. A simple program structure required.

Dyn4j, deeplearning4J have wonderful docs. Why not BouncyCastle?!!!!!

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