I hate React. I keep reading that people have problem of grasping it, but that's not the case for me. I get it, I understand it, but I hate with passion HOW it's done knowing how nice it's done elsewhere. What really triggers me is how ugly it looks, both from architecture and code level. To me it really say a lot when even code shown in documentation looks ugly, and while reading it you ask ourself constantly "why it's done this way?". When I read React being called an "elegant" solution something explodes in me. Did you saw Svelte? Vue? Damn, even Alpine.js?
I just cannot how overengineered this API is. Even doing simplest things there produces so much junk code written only because this is what library requires. Why? I feel like working with it is a punishment.
And scalability and maintainability? I've never seen large-scale projects more messed up than those wrote with React. And yes, you can blame teams working on them for lack of skills, but it is the library which encourages or not good practices also, and I've never seen such bad situation with other libraries/frameworks.

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    i’d say react is very telling of a dev’s experience but also, R&D teams are important for testing other libraries even by cloning whats already there, do a bit of migration and documentation and BOOOM! new library. (i get that its harder than this but you get the sentiment).
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    Based on the information you gave us, I am not sure if you know what is does or actually does not know how it works...

    You mentioned Alpine.js... right after vue.

    So you should know that alpine.js uses the vue engine for doing what it does.

    Same as Nuxt.js or any other framework using vue.
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    React is not ugly. It's simply not for you.

    You like it simple like it was with Jquery. Alpine is peddled as the replacement for JQuery. You probably prefer Vue's option API over composition API.
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    React is like IE in the old days: it has established a solid hold in its market, it's shit, and you just have to accept that you'll need to work with it.
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    @daniel-wu "it's not ugly and complicated, it's simply not for you since you like things elegant and simple"

    yeah, i'm taking a bit of liberty, but that IS basically what you said
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    With React the "WTFs per minute" rate is high for me. Even with the worst spaghetti code I've had the pleasure of working with (old, old Java inherited from two different dev teams) couldn't compare.

    It's just constant "why is this done this way and not that way when it would be so much simpler".

    I think it's somehow just too simplified for my brain. Like Scratch, can't do that for the death of me.
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    @Grumm Yes, I know It uses parts of Vue engine for DOM parsing, but here I was more focused on data and state handling. And I know that comparing React to Alpine is like comparing cars to planes, but it's the general approach to DX that I've had in mind here.
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    @daniel-wu Not so much, both have their pros. I have no problem with composition API so far.
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