Are there fellow programmers here, who tried LSD, and please share experiences :)

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    Once i took quite a bit, and it lasted into the next day. It was magical, and it actually satisfied my 6 year adolescent into adult penchant for hallucination. After that, i swore off hallucinogens. Not because of the scary stuff. The amazing stuff countered that for sure. Just because, i knew that it couldn't be topped and i was happy with what i found out and experienced.

    Side note: i had a possible seizure in the woods during this. The baby sitter probably saved me from choking on my own spit. I also developed 16 hours of multiple personality disorder. With no accurate memories of my alt personality.

    During one of the personality shift I saw darkness and was surrounded by close friends who mocked me and told me my dreams were already dead and so was i. This would normally be terrifying but when the ... bright world came back i didn't care if i was dead or not.

    Phew. Anyway, Be Safe. If its strong lsd, warning you now, It's not for the faint of heart.
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    Wow... I took less than 100 micrograms yesterday night and was scared of my thoughts sometimes, I cant imagine what it was for you :x
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    Don't do it. One of my friends got stuck in a bad trip which caused psychosis. He was in a mental institution for morr than a year to recover. If you are 100% sure that you are mentally stable it shouldn't be a problem to take it. Maybe try some mushrooms first, they can be very hallucinogenic but wear off much faster.
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    Never tried anything 'worse' than weed (about the weed part, I'm dutch, that should say enough)
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    omg drugs on devrant
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    @CodeMasterAlex those of us who are sure we're not crazy are likely the most crazy, though. I was fairly crazy to start with and that didnt change much either way after the LSDs.

    Or maybe the LSD put me in a mental institution and i think I'm me here now. A programmer talking about drugs to a code master named alex that I've never met. Hmm that sounds dubious. Yeah actually, im probably making all this "reality" stuff up as I go. Dont do LSD or youll end up in a fake reality using fake apps and debugging fake issues you dont remember coding. It all makes sense now.
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    @architect i was more scared of my thoughts before the LSD than i am nowadays . I'm still kind of unstable, thats my personality [disorder] though unfortunately.

    Life is hard enough to decipher without also having to hallucinate and question everything. Question everything while sober, recharge with some weed or exercise, repeat. Hallucinations are constantly happening to everyone in many forms. Namely beliefs. Lsd wont change that, just give you a weird vantage point. More useful vantage points exist. But, drugs can be fun. Long as they dont become priority.
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