@dfox and @trogus I was just wondering how do you support yourself and devrant? Do you have a day job or are you freelancing or is devrant making money to sustain you and itself?

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    They have a side job and make a little from the swag shop and villains and in app purchases I thought
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    By the way, you can only mention in the comments! @dfox @trogus
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    @linuxxx Thanks for the tip and information.
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    devRant is our side project. "Job" sounds like we make money, while currently we lose money every month, but we have a new supporter program coming out to hopefully help us break even, and then more monetization ideas from there
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    @trogus would it be okay if I conducted a sort of informal interview? Just to get to you lot better and other people may too get inspired.
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    @trogus by better I mean understand you better and what you go through daily.
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    @Paramite we're trying to avoid ads if at all possible, but it may be in the cards
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