Me ( a python dev) pointing to a good java joke in dev rant to my brother who happens to be working at TCS for the past 5 years as a Java Developer...

Me: Java is shit...
He: huh java is the best! every language in the world is written over java. My manager said this.
Me: I think I will kill him today in his sleep.

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    personally Java is one of my favourite languages to code in, but his response is still funny as hell
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    Yeah! That's totally why you need a virtual machine to run Java!
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    If Java was the best language, why would you write other languages with it?
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    I personally think Java is a great language, just the runtime isn't that super duper. For client applications that don't really need to run a loop 200ms faster like an equivalent C software could, it's still a considerable choice, but for large scale high performance server software it's bad of course.
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