As a senior developer with a couple of years under the belt, do you think having an active Instagram, YouTube and Facebook account is necessary? Does It help professionally at all? or am I just wasting time that I can use elsewhere?
I am thinking about launching my own SaaS in the future. But as a developer, does social media presence impact in any significant way in your professional life?

I am kinda getting addicted to posting setup videos and reels on Instagram. I don't have an end goal in mind. I just find it a way to express myself. But sometimes even I get cringe seeing my own posts. I was thinking about ditching IG and Facebook and twitter and go back to writing blog posts or something.

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    Not really. I've yet to see anyone ask me about social media while interviewing. Case in point, I don't even have any of those abominations and have been employed 15 years, including recent freelancing.

    It's different though if you intend to create a company.

    Definitely not Instagram, I don't think Facebook, but Twitter and LinkedIn may have a place here.

    When creating a startup, executives will often have to promote their own public profile and their companies'.

    In fact, (I may rant about this some other time) I was actually replaced as CTO once due to not having enough "social presence". 😂
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    I think you are absolutely right. I have a LinkedIn account with which I have a love-hate relationship as I get spammed by recruiters. I do have my own website and blog. Since the lockdown, I started experimenting with IG and I kinda got addicted to it, since I like creating video content so much. But I knew it started becoming a problem but I kept ignoring it saying that somehow it's gonna help me professionally. But I was wrong.
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    It might even hurt if people get to know you use Facebook at this day and age
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