In the 90s most people had touched grass, but few touched a computer.

In the 2090s most people will have touched a computer, but not grass.

But at least we'll have fully sentient dildos armed with laser guns to mildly stimulate our mandatory attached cyber-clits, or alternatively annihilate thought criminals.

In other news my prime generator has exhaustively been checked against, all primes from 5 to 1 million. I used miller-rabin with k=40 to confirm the results.

The set the generator creates is the join of the quasi-lucas carmichael numbers, the carmichael numbers, and the primes. So after I generated a number I just had to treat those numbers as 'pollutants' and filter them out, which was dead simple.

Whats left after filtering, is strictly the primes.

I also tested it randomly on 50-55 bit primes, and it always returned true, but that range hasn't been fully tested so far because it takes 9-12 seconds per number at that point.

I was expecting maybe a few failures by my generator. So what I did was I wrote a function, genMillerTest(), and all it does is take some number n, returns the next prime after it (using my functions nextPrime() and isPrime()), and then tests it against miller-rabin. If miller returns false, then I add the result to a list. And then I check *those* results by hand (because miller can occasionally return false positives, though I'm not familiar enough with the math to know how often).

Well, imagine my surprise when I had zero false positives.

Which means either my code is generating the same exact set as miller (under some very large value of n), or the chance of miller (at k=40 tests) returning a false positive is vanishingly small.

My next steps should be to parallelize the checking process, and set up my other desktop to run those tests continuously.
Concurrently I should work on figuring out why my slowest primality tests (theres six of them, though I think I can eliminate two) are so slow and if I can better estimate or derive a pattern that allows faster results by better initialization of the variables used by these tests.

I already wrote some cases to output which tests most frequently succeeded (if any of them pass, then the number isn't prime), and therefore could cut short the primality test of a number. I rewrote the function to put those tests in order from most likely to least likely.

I'm also thinking that there may be some clues for faster computation in other bases, or perhaps in binary, or inspecting the patterns of values in the natural logs of non-primes versus primes. Or even looking into the *execution* time of numbers that successfully pass as prime versus ones that don't. Theres a bevy of possible approaches.

The entire process for the first 1_000_000 numbers, ran 1621.28 seconds, or just shy of a tenth of a second per test but I'm sure thats biased toward the head of the list.

If theres any other approach or ideas I may be overlooking, I wouldn't know where to begin.

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    Also I'm *still* working on my game. I've just been exhaustively adding content. Like constantly. Mostly it's this giant weird pile, like the creative equivalent of a compost bin, teeming with life and potential, and every now and then I go digging and pull out an idea to incorporate or polish.

    Eventually I'll have to get real testers, along with gameplay demos and fancy gifs but I don't know anything about managing people or teams or herding cats or goodfeedback vs bad or what to do with anything in that regard.

    It's starting to feel like masturbation without gameplay: fun but ultimately pointless. Maybe I enjoy the idea of it more than the actual process.
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    "has exhaustively been checked against, all primes"

    "against, all primes"

    That fucking comma. God dammit.
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    dude, run stuff in the cloud. Better than consumer grade hardware and waaaay more cores for a few bucks. If you have 26 USD you can have 128 cores in a single machine for two hours.
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    This makes me want to get back into math
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    @phat-lasagna I hope you do. The more brain power the better.

    I had a dream, that one one day we'd crack public-key crytography and crash every god damn bank and expose every secret of every government on planet earth. Digitally burn flat, bulldoze the lot of em, and start over.

    Year zero, no more fucks borrowing infinite digital dollars to live like emperors, bombing foreign cities into ghettos to create terrorism, while telling everyone else to lower their expectations.

    That or we'll fail and still make some amazing discoveries.
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    @Wisecrack isn’t this the plot of mr robot? (pst save this for later when we recruit more people)
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    @Wisecrack but yeah if u end up creating an algodildo project, lmk and I will help contribute
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    @phat-lasagna isn't that the plot of half of modern anti-heroes?

    "man vs system" is the new "man vs. nature."

    Was a good show though. I'm not ashamed to say I watched the teeeeeveee. Maybe a little lol.
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    @phat-lasagna hear me out:


    that are drones.

    So when the government fucks you they REALLY fuck you.

    1984 didn't have dildo drones. We do. Our dystopia is better.

    Well, more fucked up at least.

    "Raped to death by terminator/murderous robo dogs in the ruins of 2090s jihad-divided hellscape baltimore" doesn't have the same ring to it.

    glad you joined la resistance. We'll be cool and have leather jackets and fingerless gloves n shit.

    Nothing says 'rebel' like fingerless gloves and barrel fires while starving to death next to a heroin addict under an overpass / rebel HQ.

    Wheres the CIA to give me my free color-revolution AK? Complete with unicorn paint job and 90 hours of brainwashing before being shipped to another shithole in need of meatbags to assist in the looting for global oligarchs.


    I'd rather watch it burn.
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    Can you tell me more about this sentient dildo? Asking for a friend
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    Can't speak to your primes program or the dildos, but to herd cats the best way is to set out a bunch of empty cardboard boxes and let them herd themselves.

    In other words, make it interesting (good trailers help) and spread the word around when you're ready.
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    @Wisecrack make a 2090 movie, please!!! each one of these are nuggets of gold
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    @phat-lasagna its have to be weird and lynchian though, like watching 2020s news blog you were from the 1970s.

    Completely incomprehensible, and absurd to the point of either horror or unease.
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    @Wisecrack I need to actually watch lynch and more surrealist stuff in general - I think it’s such a predecessor for modern doompilled expressions of creativity
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    Primes stuff TLDR
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    @webketje it's a package deal.
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