Flexible working hours, Home Office, fair compensation, working on a greenfield product 🥰.

I was in a bad spot two years ago jobwise and I don't regret jumping the ship for a second.

I would never have guessed that flexible hours and WFH would be so beneficial to my mental health!

Not everything is perfect all the time, but it gets pretty damn close all things considered.

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    (Sorry if this comes across as bragging? Wasn't my intention... If you suffer from burnout, please seek help! Everyone deserves to be a happy dev :)
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    Greenfield projects (especially if you can work on them alone) are incredibly refreshing!
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    I WFH as a mentor for an year now. Even if the pay is low, I feel like it's gonna be fine in the end. (Mostly) work honest, exchange energy with people, and invest in your calm state of affairs.
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