Maybe I'm stupid, but I'm annoyed that there are no good ways to debug Blazor WASM.

It doesn't help to tell me that I got a null value, unless the error tells me which of my 50 variables is causing it

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    Maybe I'm talking outta my ass, but I guess it's the same as trying to debug Unity WASM.

    The problem doesn't lie in WASM itself but rather the fact that you are using emscripten and doing a C# -> C++ -> JS -> WASM conversion, which is liable to have many quirks.
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    @CoreFusionX agreed, the error just points me to line 1 in a minified JS file, has nothing to do with my C# code
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    printf. The debugging tool for generations of devs. My grandmother used it, I use it, my grandkids will use it.
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    Are Visual Studio debugging tools not working with that?
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    @arekxv Visual Studio is barely working at all, I'm on Mac :/
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