How do you handle working in a place with people when you're anxious and awkward af.

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    @putnam. There might be several things you can try out. First starting with yourself: yoga, minding your food diet, take time to relax entirely.
    Then, you can try to make small polite conversation with your coworkers...
    If you still have trouble with that, try to talk about this with your doctor, who can recommend you a therapist or a decent life-coach.

    You also are required to listen, listen what your coworkers are talking about, and if it interests you, you can join the conversation.

    But bottom line is, just try to talk, perhaps about stuff you like and what is accepted in general, like a last movie you saw at the cinema. Perhaps about
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    Most people will be cool with who you are and the anxiousness will fade over time when you get to know your colleagues. The problem is getting hired because HR people always seem to want a salesman in interviews.
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    I'm facing the same issues, and my social rank is "dead" or "doesn't exist".
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    I like to focus on what I'm passionate about. At the end of the day almost everyone is stressed about social interaction. Like when I'm in an elevator with a neighbor and we both try to stay as silent as possible and avoid saying anything except hello and goodbye. I'm a different person in different circumstances and that's ok. Now, if you want to make friends, you're better off establishing what you like. Then other people will jump on that train very naturally.
    TLDR; Just think about how other people are awkward and shy and remember what makes you you. Embrace the awkwardness (unless you strangle kittens or something)
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    Talk about your passions, try to find coworkers that share your interests, and not be afraid to try new stuff.

    I understand social anxiety, I hate crowds of people. Went on a blind date and had to work remotely the next day. People are tiresome and draining. But worthwhile. And if all you do is stay in yoyr comfort zone you will never grow, professionally or as a person. And if things don't work out, tomorrow will still come.

    Caveat, if your crazy or into some socially weird shit, let it out slowly. Test the waters. Don't tell them right off the bat that you're into day drinkin. Ease into it.
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    With a machine gun and a smile on your face
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    @ecv80 Thanks, but is it okay if I don't smile but have the machine gun?
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