To those developers who have fidget spinner does it really help you or is it more of a distraction!?!?

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    I tried and it's quite distracting. You need 2 hands to code efficiently, apparently.
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    @Deserter It's not about coding, in my case, as I'm an overall anxious person, I'm unable to simply stop and think in a solution to some problem, a fidget spinner, a stress ball, even an electrical switch helps me focus in a task, when that little bulb over my head lights up, then it's coding time.
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    I don't understand why people spend money on those things. Clicking a pen does the same thing for me.
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    I got a fidget cube recently, and it's pretty nice to keep in your hands. I think fidget spinners does the same but a cube has more things you can fidget with.
    For me, the fidget cube is not much of a distraction, I even forget it's there when I'm working. You can use the spinner when you're thinking or feeling anxious.
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