CPU is just a haunted rock. Change my mind.

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    Given spectre and the other shadowy things it does, yeah…
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    some dude of the interwebz once said:
    "We've invented computers, which means taking lightning and sticking it into a rock, until it learns to think."

    so no objections from my end.
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    @kaki man, I learned intel assembly in the uni, right after making my own CPU. It was a requirement to pass the first grade. I know asm. It doesn't change anything. It is still a haunted rock to me.
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    lol see what I can do

    Me, approaching the penguin: what are you in for? murder?

    zookeeper: he's not… “in” for anything

    me: so he can leave?

    zookeeper: no

    me: bc he's in witness protection?

    zookeeper: no

    me: then what the hell is going on, @kaki man?
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    @kaki no offence taken
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    more like a CPU is sand from hell.
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    I think you're oversimplifying
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