Thoughts on Competitive Programming??

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    Make it an eSport where a team is a player and a hacker. The player battle in the game and the hackers battle in memory or network. Winner is scored on game points but if you can't play it's a "tap out" and the other team wins. That way if the hacker messes with the game too much it crashes on his side they lose.
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    I think its pretty fun, its not like going to make you a "software engineer" or a "developer" but its excellent practice for logic and learning new language syntax/tendencies. Without going crazy into details its a great thing to do alongside other avenues of learning code. If your writing code(even shitty code) your improving yourself to a degree.


    Happy Coding 🤙🏽
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    @RYPTAR Moreover it helps understanding algorithms and data structures and how to implement them
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    @edwrodrig Thank you sir! Im def going to check this site out!
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