One month ago. By email.

Boss: so, this client A has a problem with one of our devices and he believes that it's a bug in the software.

Me: all right then, what happens?

Boss: well, he says that the parameter P in the option menu does not changes the device's behaviour as it is supposed to. I'll forward you his mail. You will find attached an excell file with the results of his test performed with and without the parameter active.

Me: < read mail, read excell file > well, boss, his tests are performed in completely different conditions, how could he expect to infer a meaningful results from this?

Boss: damn, you are right. Send him a test plan and follow up.

Me: < send detailed test plan >

No answer in a week. Then...

Client: hi, there, I made this tests, I attached the excell with the results, can you check the software now?

Me: < read another bullshit filled excell file with none of the suggested test performed >
You know what? Just download the procedures you are using from the device and send them by mail, specifying the software version you are using so we can perform some tests here in the lab and get yo a solution asap.

No response. For a MONTH.

Super Boss: client A still has his problem, how could possibly be that it takes more than A FUCKING MONTH to solve his issue??


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    @g-m-f the same just not urgent. Client have very specific database schema without any documentation and test are only on remote server so I cant look whats going on. I asked him via mail cuz when you have database first approch you cant move forward. The serwer respond only ok or not ok. Its 2 weeks and he still not responded...
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    So much relate.. customers are nuts.
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    same counts for me. client urgent i need it today. managed to fix bug or deliver new feature. 2 days later sends test report (read excel file) with all de logging datta of 2 days asking me if it is working?. me sends back my test report nice' clean and understandable. client is like oke it works.

    i am like what the hell.. shouldn't you test it in real life in a lab. you know safety ensurance on the product.
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    @g-m-f yup, no news. They want a total rewrite of the algorithm thou.
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