What's up with white flashes on Windows 11? Will they never get fixed? πŸ”†β˜€οΈπŸ’»

I'm workin on my laptop in a dark room. Whenever I switch windows, I get flashes of white light. What the hell. Explorer and Edge seem to be affected in particular.

I know I can install alternative apps for both Edge and Explorer, but I want to keep the number of installed apps to a minimum because of limited storage on my PC

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    Considering your situation... why are u still using binbows and especially 11
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    The inconsistencies with Win11, made me switch to Ubuntu and I never looked back since then.
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    Same for Brave
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    White flashes ? I’ve been using windows 11 since it’s been available to the public and I’ve never seen that before. Does it happen whenever you open a new explorer/edge window ?
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