Do you guys feel a need to create something "cool" and "unique" but have a hard time coming up with ideas?

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    Instead of looking for a "project" look for a problem or pain point you have in your current development workflow. Look for solutions to that problem. If one already exists, implement it into your workflow. If you have a use case that's slightly different than the ones provided, submit PRs. If no one in the history of ever has had your same issue, you have some crazy use use case, or you've just encountered a rare thing.

    That being said, don't be afraid of reinventing the wheel for learning purposes. You may encounter use cases along the way that the original authors missed or forgot about, or perhaps they knew about it but there was something you hadn't considered yet.

    Just don't go solo cowboy. There's a lot to learn from the past and your peers.
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    doge worry
    be happy
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