Is there anyone who switched from Java backend (Spring Boot) to Nodejs? If yes what was your experience? Some people say it's a downgrade because of lower performance and less specialized tooling want do you think about that? Also what about salary? Is it the same level?

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    Sorry not giving that info to a soviet spy!
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    Please stop using Nodejs.

    I don't want to pay $$$ for some basic hosting.

    All I want is my 1$ Apache hosting with MySQL database to deploy basic websites.
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    @Grumm Think any 1$ option is not really sustainable when thinks they serious. There still is plenty of free tier stuff though. The tech stack is not a limitation.

    Why the fuck you would want to such to JS on the backend is beyond me. If you care about performance that much especially startup times and resource usage look at Go/Rust. If you care about super mature ecosystem look at Java, Kotlin, C#, C++. If you want the most money, Field and county have more influence. If you can only do JS/TS and think that the whole world should only
    consist of one ecosystem, one hammer. You should go with node.js

    Big advocate of right tool for right job.
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    @hjk101 So free nodejs hosts ? Most I found have a ton of limits like '750h running services/month'

    The next plan is already $7/m...

    For that amount, you already can get an apache server twice as fast, more space, own domain, unlimited bandwidth.
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    @Grumm Google app engine has free tier
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    @hjk101 Yes, but again backend : 9 hours per day...

    So you mean I can host my local club website only 9 hours everyday ?

    That is my problem. I can now host my local club website for $2/month (including domain) Hard to find a nodejs hosting for that price. So yeah, I am stuck to update the website to new php without using all the js (maybe not a bad thing :D)
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    @Grumm 750h/month is enough to run 1 instance all the time

    I used something like this for over an year already for my telegram bots
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    On the subject:

    I used to do backend with Java Spring Boot and now i'm doing it with Node.js. I love it! Faster to iterate and easier to experiment with.

    About performance, i'm not in any camp. If the flow is limiting or the implementation is clumsy, any language or environment will perform poorly.

    While Node is inherently slower than other options because of its circumstances, it can perform on pair or even better in certain situations where is strong points are properly exploited.

    Conclusion: Use whatever you like as long as you feel comfortable and efficient
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    @Grumm Why the fuck would you pick a basic instance? The default better option is F which gives your 28 hours a day.
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    @hjk101 So you can run a server-rendered Vue.js app in a F instance ?
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    @Grumm probably don't know enough about it too know the performance implications if the load becomes too much it can scale up but yeah when you use a ton of resources you are going to pay.

    The biggest F instance is 2GiB and 2.4ghz CPU
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