I'm quite confused about job market here in germany. Beside studies I'm working in a data center and have already some practical knowledge about programming stuff and managing applications. Although many companies I apply for say I need more experience. How the hell should I collect it if I don't get the chance to do so. Do you have seen this in other countries as well?

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    Spain, it's the same.

    "Yes, you got nice skills but no experience"

    Can I get it in the role?

    "You need the experience to get the role"
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    United States as well. Might just be everywhere.
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    That's why start-ups​ have some charm. They give you all kind of experience and when they have inevitably run into the ground you can look for a business job.
    Or you can try to build up a portfolio .
    Or you can take internships.
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    Same in New Zealand, to be a junior developer you need 2-3 years of experience , and a couple years of experience in a couple extra languages.

    There doesn't seem to be any lower level of developer aside from graduate and in that case, some companies want you to be on your way to graduating...
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    In my experience, some HR person wrote the application, just guessing that 5 years or experience sounds about right.. Just apply for the job even if you think you may be underqualified. The company usually has no clue what they want or need and as a programmer you know exactly what you can do for them. So if you think you can do what they want you to do, just go for it.
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