Completely rebuilt my pc and get to sell my old one to my boss so that I can get paid to work on it 😂😂😂

Gtx 1080 ti
I7 7700k
B250 motherboard
16g 2300mhz ram
240g SSD
1tb HHD

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    If you don't want it, I'll gladly take it...
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    How will you choose what goes into SSD and what in HDD?
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    I wish I could afford something as beautiful as that.....
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    Why the case with so many empty cages for drives? Otherwise nice build!
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    Hello god.
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    @Faraaz os and frequently used files in SSD. Archived files on HDD.
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    No overclockero :( me sad.
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    Hm. I'd have chosen higher frequency RAM (if your MoBo supports it, which I assume it does). Also, with 7700k, I'd get a bigger cooler if you are planning on overclocking / using CPU a lot.

    But that's really a beast of a PC, respect.
    Just my 2¢.
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    I really need to get to cable management sometime
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    when you can buy a 1080 Ti but settle for a "gets the job done" motherboard...
    otherwise decent build
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    The cpu cooler is backwards or if it's pulling it's not as efficient as pushing
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    Did you really put your K CPU in a non Z270 motherboard? That's like buying meat for Bolognese spaghetti and then make it with rice.
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    @Faraaz i have a 128 gb SSD ... It's enough tho
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