Found out that windows automatically backs up your Desktop and Documents folder by redirecting those folders to Onedrive. Why create a seperate folder and redirect instead of just syncing from time to time

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    Microsoft rolled that piece of shit out in one of the early W10 updates.

    They had just let go of something like half their QA dept and forced this update out to users.

    Only reason why I remember that is because everyone I worked with at the time lost files...like...alot of files. Set some projects back a year more or less. Completely destroyed others.

    It wouldn't have been so bad had one or two people within a project lost something, but we're talking at least half of every projects team was impacted.

    Microsoft is such a shitstain of a company.
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    Try a Mac. They should sell them with a year's free anger management modules. I was positively homicidal by the time mine finally went tits up.
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