Daily life of a "programmer"

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    How in the fuck did you get this picture of me?
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    Wait, he gets like 4 hours of actually-productive time PER DAY? That guy must have written the next Linux kernel by now.
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    i......i did not know we could add gifs in here.....
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    Scrum meetings are ok. They're usually less than than 30 mins, daily less than 10m. (And they're slotted for longer so you can get away with slouching the remainder of the time as you ofc log the full reservation to worktime management.)

    It's all the...Other... meetings that eat up your time. I've been sitting hours in design meetings where graphical/gamification designers plan up workshops and don't give any actual input on *what* things should be done to the system. They're all smiles and ideas and nothing concrete. I've taken up cleaning during those meetings as that way I can direct my frustration to extinct dust bunnies.
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    @sariel I have my ways 🤫
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    i love gifs where each frame is so busy and lasts so short that it might as well all be just meaningless noise...
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