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    some things are made for a GUI while other for cli
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    Keyboard > mouse
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    Meh, depends. I don't want to browse the web or watch videos in a 80x24 char terminal... but that's totally personal preference.
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    GUi > CLI ... for me 95% of time, proved. P.S. we're not all the same
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    Powershell > CMD
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    I just don't get this... How in God's name is remembering commands and typing file paths easier than clicking buttons?
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    @kamikaze996 not easier, but way faster, powerful and flexible

    It depends though. On Windows I solely use the UI, because cmd.exe sucks and on Linux I only use the terminal, because it's faster and actually a pleasure to use
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    @kamikaze996 U miss "Where my cursor & move cursor to target icon" process.
    Once u familiar with cli -> Open terminal via keyboard shortcut & type half command + press tab to autocomplete is way more efficiency.
    (I usually live in tty + tmux env and just start display server when I actually need it.)
    (If sometime I need gui a lot (game dev) -> start i3wm session.)
    (way more efficiency & less distraction)
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    Lol, just found out that I stole this rant
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    Just an emulator but:
    Cmder > Powershell
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