Well the company I work for was too cheap to buy a new Graphics Card so we got an old graphics card (nvidia) and had to install it with working drivers

We checked and the drivers were End Of Live since I think 2015 or 2011 so we downgraded the hell out of ubuntu 20.04 Kernel, Compilers and the driver installation still failed We had to get the gcc 7.2 but there wasn't any PPA's available with this anymore and the installation still failed without giving proper error message 11 Hours later we decided to go home

The next day we got an Email we wasted time and money of the company

but we were asked to do this.... (two working students getting minimum wage)

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    Tried it with gcc 7.4 which was the lowest we could get and still failed
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    You were asked to do it - so that's what you say in response to the email.
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    Thats what we know but he often forgets things he said he's boss and professor and responsible for my Bachelor thesis

    I don't do fucking shit ^^'

    All I need to do is to focus (which is fucking hard) and finish my Thesis and get the hell out of here
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    Wait, is that for a uni project or for commercial?

    If it's for uni, I can understand because they tend to be underfunded. But if it's for a company, then that's the dumbest thing to do.

    Unless the graphic card is for high performance computing or something which can cost ten of thousands of dollars.
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    commercial but probably for testing purposes I don't think he would've shipped it

    Don't ask I have no fucking idea there is a lot that doesn't make sense
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